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  • I miss youI feel dumb to let you go, you brought colors to my dull boring life. I want to be there for all your tears, happiness and weird phases. You made me realize i can dream and feel something different, which happened after a long time . Maybe I made a mistake but don't we all.... If you are reading th 8yr ago
  • The girlGuys might like every girl but he only falls for one special one and that one usually... well haha doesnt matter. You treat her like princess, then she becomes out of your league, you treat her like shit and you become out of her league. What can Guys do to get their love? :/ 8yr ago
  • Too hard to SwallowI reach out when i have a confession, I reach out in desperation. I reach out but no one is listening, so i go looking for the next best thing that is "happiness" straight from the bottle and smoke. When real life's too hard to swallow. 8yr ago
  • Friends with terms and conditionsWe have seen friends with benifit, it was good but looking at the real life all we have is friends with terms and conditions. We are friends with many people, however there are certain terms and conditions to be accepted. I recently tried being friends with my ex, but all I got was terms and conditi 8yr ago
  • Where is Flight MH 370this question is bigger than any other question in the world. It is even bigger and deeper than "What life is?" 8yr ago
  • I DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU FUCK OR GET FUCKEDI don't regret. Everything was going smooth. The ways were to be separated but not this way. You, your filthy thoughts just made it the fucked up thing that can't be changed. It was about be a good story for the rest of our lives whether we would have been together or separated. But now I have only 8yr ago
  • choice of lifethere was time when my days started and ended wid u but its all different now. i can't make u wait nomore.i feel selfish to play wid ur feeling. but trust me i m not a bad person. knowing u was a faith, becoming a fren was a choice and loving u ....... out of my control.. one decision, one choice 8yr ago
  • Finding myselfThis story is the story of a man who lives inside his head, whose world is filled with thoughts and who exists in those thoughts. You may not find any sensible reasons to believe in it and I do not expect to as well, but maybe this will help someone who can relate to it, and who is in need of hope. 8yr ago
  • Am I a bad guyI don't know what goes wrong, I try to just be there and fix things but I guess it always gets fucked up in the end. Is the world different or am I different? Am I just that fucked up guy that never does a thing right :/ anyways sorry if I made anyone cry, I just got brains I guess no hearts to feel 8yr ago
  • I am sadSadkjnkjasd Sadkjnkjasd SadkjnkjasdSadkjnkjasdSadkjnkjasd 8yr ago