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  • This one is for 18,1,2,9,..i am falling in love , i dont know who she is . If point to one , she is not meant for me . she is the one searched by many , and she is searching for new one also.She is searching the cute one, which i think i am also but i think i dont fit on her category. It doesnt matter with what she takes, sh 13d ago
  • hey maryhey mary, if this reaches to you, please always remember i had never felt love for anything or anyone this vague before i met you. Please never forget, in my toughest nights, you are the one and only reason i get up and continue myself and remember to never give up. Please never under estimate yours 25d ago
  • Frn Request?If there's anyone from KU here, do leave a comment ...trying to make more frns. 28d ago
  • Is this meant to be?It was the middle of the night, around 3 am in the morning when my eyes suddenly opened up. My face felt numb from the dried up tears from before. I couldn't forget, I can't ever forget him. Yes, I should be moving on, it's been over two years now when I had decided to end it up between us. I feel 24d ago
  • I hate you like i love you...I love you!! and i can't live with out you!!! 28d ago
  • IN TIME......It's hard to let someone go when that someone is the only person you've ever really held on to. It's hard to hate someone when that someone is the only one you've ever loved. But no matter how much you try, sometimes somethings just aren't meant to be. Sometimes you just have to learn to let go, no 28d ago
  • lonely At times of misery,the only person who will be with u is the reflection u see in the mirror.I wish there was someone who would comfort me...But at the end I ll have to boost myself up..There aint a single person to talk to..damn!! this is hard :( 17d ago
  • It happens again and again....I even don't know why I am surprised. Every Girl I give my heart to ends up disappointing me, now I shouldn't even be surprised.... 13d ago
  • i got feeling abt the timei came to realize about the time, the time that i had been through, the time i learnt from some novels, the time that changes. I was through novel last night , one changes as they get seperated as their location was changed,as their communication has some gap.I felt sorry for that relation upto whe 6d ago