Resource id #4 Mero Sano Katha MeroSanoKatha starts with the little stories we make and lessons we learn from all the even and odd experiences of life we go through. We believe, these stories, may be of happiness, sadness, joy or pain have their own importance in our life and surviving them proves us a human. And that makes a story to tell. <![CDATA[I am sad]]> <![CDATA[Am I a bad guy]]> <![CDATA[Finding myself]]> <![CDATA[I DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU FUCK OR GET FUCKED]]> <![CDATA[choice of life]]> <![CDATA[I miss you]]> <![CDATA[Where is Flight MH 370]]> <![CDATA[The girl]]> <![CDATA[Friends with terms and conditions]]> <![CDATA[Too hard to Swallow]]> <![CDATA[Take a leap to Fall]]> <![CDATA[HI everyone]]> <![CDATA[All of me]]> <![CDATA[For you! ]]> <![CDATA[Power and belief]]> <![CDATA[Your the one for me]]> <![CDATA[Scared Till Death ]]> <![CDATA[When Two Hearts Collide]]> <![CDATA[Arguments Between Me And My Panic Attacks]]> <![CDATA[untouchable]]> <![CDATA[It's time to live again]]> <![CDATA[keep me alive]]> <![CDATA[the trance]]> <![CDATA[5th Feb - A day I never forget]]> <![CDATA[Raat ko samaye]]> <![CDATA[Shitty busy life. No time for anything I love to do]]> _< ]]> <![CDATA[Pure Love]]> <![CDATA[Depresso]]> <![CDATA[This is my Life]]> <![CDATA[The Lost Faith]]> <![CDATA[are you fucking kidding me; society?]]> <![CDATA[Feeling low]]> <![CDATA[It used to be so Easy....]]> <![CDATA[I'm a girl]]> <![CDATA[Scared to Dream]]> <![CDATA[U gonna regret]]> <![CDATA[Habit]]> <![CDATA[The blank page]]> <![CDATA[her guy]]> <![CDATA[I love 3 people :P]]> <![CDATA[Why you don't find me performing any more and why I am totally lost]]> <![CDATA[I am not hurt]]> <![CDATA[Happy Tears]]> <![CDATA[Mero Lover]]> <![CDATA[Hacking Democracy]]> <![CDATA[Mero Chakchakey]]> <![CDATA[Cheer up ]]> <![CDATA[Different Day]]> <![CDATA[Healing Red Tea]]> <![CDATA[Mero Hero]]> <![CDATA[ Valkyrie ]]> <![CDATA[Mero Cutey]]> :P Really happy to have you in my life. Thank you so much for everything.]]> <![CDATA[I feel like tomorrow is my last day]]> <![CDATA[Mero Maya]]> <![CDATA[:P love]]> <![CDATA[Mr. Man of my life]]> <![CDATA[Friends Forever ???]]> <![CDATA[Why Do I Still Love You?]]> <![CDATA[You are always Judged]]> A nerd A person who does not know emotions -> A Geek A girl who loves to hang out and party lots -> A slut A guy who loves to show off -> A talent A girl who talks less -> Someone with an Attitude A guy who talks less -> Someone shy and nattractive A person who loves to enjoy life -> A waste who can't do anything A person who tops exams -> A bookworm A person who fails exams -> A bad influence A person who is always happy and laughing -> An irritating person A person who is always sad -> A psycho A person who works hard -> Parents call them Good, Fri]]> <![CDATA[Untitled]]> <![CDATA[Heaven]]> <![CDATA[Want u back...]]> <![CDATA[Never fall for your BFF]]> <![CDATA["U never cared']]> <![CDATA[Am i in love]]> <![CDATA[What am I doing wrong?]]> <![CDATA[jhau lagyo]]> <![CDATA[storyTitle]]> <![CDATA[When Friendship Turns to Love]]> <![CDATA[UnXpEcTeD TwIsT]]> <![CDATA[- Aslaysha -]]> <![CDATA[You are No Good To Me]]> <![CDATA[smart]]> <![CDATA[I am just waiting]]> <![CDATA[obsession]]> <![CDATA[I feel like tomorrow is my last day ]]> <![CDATA[Fourth year]]> <![CDATA[Death my lover]]> <![CDATA[Bestest guyz]]> <![CDATA[wedding proposal]]> <![CDATA[My broz.... :) :)]]> <![CDATA[:) :)]]> <![CDATA[m nt so beautiful]]> <![CDATA[Between dreams and love]]> <![CDATA[Scared]]> <![CDATA[Silly Time]]> <![CDATA[World.Life]]> <![CDATA[My World]]> <![CDATA[falling??]]> <![CDATA[aaja euta kuro saarai vanna manchha]]> <![CDATA[Hello World !!!!]]> <![CDATA[- What Becomes Of Me - ]]> <![CDATA[storyTitle]]> <![CDATA[Wishlist]]> <![CDATA[Its a busy Life ahead]]> <![CDATA[you...]]> <![CDATA[101st Post ]]> <![CDATA[ghost]]> <![CDATA[rain]]> <![CDATA[life]]> <![CDATA[A Day in the Life of a Mayfly]]> <![CDATA[sadworld]]> <![CDATA[Avoid]]> <![CDATA[d.a.m.n]]> <![CDATA[life]]> <![CDATA[quake]]> <![CDATA[happytimes]]> <![CDATA[he makes mehappy]]> <![CDATA[lovemessage]]> <![CDATA[can'tbelive]]> <![CDATA[truthquot]]> <![CDATA[But I don't wan same from you,]]> <![CDATA[i love my aunt]]> <![CDATA[happy]]> <![CDATA[GOD IS DEAD]]> <![CDATA[:') Feeling successful ]]> <![CDATA[Yes I can do it! :)]]> <![CDATA[:) kids]]> <![CDATA[sad :(]]> <![CDATA[I miss my dogs]]> <![CDATA[|-_-|]]> <![CDATA[shitty shitty self pity hahaha :D]]> <![CDATA[Frustrated Lifeless]]> <![CDATA[atleast4characters]]> <![CDATA[killme]]> <![CDATA[A song that describes my Life!!!]]> <![CDATA[i want peace]]> <![CDATA[obstacles]]> <![CDATA[- The Great Beyond - ]]> <![CDATA[- House of Ez - ]]> <![CDATA[i am having fun]]> <![CDATA[Happy Friendship Day!!]]> <![CDATA['It']]> <![CDATA[Wait.......!!!!!!!!!]]> <![CDATA[Despicable Me]]> <![CDATA[CA really means come again and again]]> <![CDATA[>>>>>]]> <![CDATA[Chasing Stars]]> <![CDATA[the road fanicer.]]> <![CDATA[Is it just me?]]> <![CDATA[according to my sin]]> <![CDATA[you are not man of my life]]> <![CDATA[I see you smiling]]> <![CDATA[the feeling of love]]> <![CDATA[keeep talking]]> <![CDATA[??????]]> <![CDATA[ Here I am, different in this normal world]]> <![CDATA[Doomed Alleys]]> <![CDATA[:( dream]]> <![CDATA[how could i say]]> <![CDATA[hope you know]]> <![CDATA[Why do I feel so incomplete?]]> <![CDATA[I wasnt so bitter]]> <![CDATA[just :P]]> <![CDATA[blue]]> <![CDATA[mistake?]]> <![CDATA[hurt]]> <![CDATA[You gal]]> <![CDATA[dream]]> <![CDATA[Hi buddy]]> <![CDATA[JUST TELL ME.........]]> <![CDATA[More than words]]> <![CDATA[For My Sweet Girl ]]> <![CDATA[Someone like you]]> <![CDATA[story of my heart]]> <![CDATA[your love]]> <![CDATA[Alive but not living!]]> <![CDATA[If You were My Gal]]> <![CDATA[lost a friend maybe]]> <![CDATA[And I Will Say!!!!]]> <![CDATA[- The Human Torch Was Denied A Bank Loan - ]]> <![CDATA[Daring to b alone]]> <![CDATA[Life]]> <![CDATA[what would you do?]]> <![CDATA[love]]> <![CDATA[:) ]]> <![CDATA[asdfghjkl;;qwrtyuipomcandalaldskjfasmdnfalskidfj]]> <![CDATA[faksfklajsdifehktjaklsdjfaoisd]]> <![CDATA[Hold On]]> <![CDATA[rock, paper, scissor]]> <![CDATA[daddy issues]]> <![CDATA[Surprises]]> <![CDATA[Is there anyone?]]> <![CDATA[The Galaxy Is On Orion's Belt. ]]> <![CDATA[magic :)]]> <![CDATA[my story]]> <![CDATA[The thing that I don't understand about others!]]> <![CDATA[My today story]]> <![CDATA[Crandomness]]> <![CDATA[all beautiful things]]> <![CDATA[The Problem of the 2nd year]]> <![CDATA[heyy]]> <![CDATA[first]]> <![CDATA[trying to write]]> <![CDATA[hello]]> <![CDATA[attachment or just love?]]> <![CDATA[Do you think he loves me ?]]> <![CDATA[:( ]]> <![CDATA[Closure ]]> <![CDATA[Black Stuffs. ]]> <![CDATA[get a life]]> <![CDATA[Chapter 1 ]]> <![CDATA[I am Sorryyyy Geeko ]]> <![CDATA[frustrating!!]]> <![CDATA[laghthyo.....]]> <![CDATA[Fairy Fair]]> <![CDATA[storyTitle]]> <![CDATA[Frustration]]> <![CDATA[in a difficult situation]]> <![CDATA[a good start :)]]> <![CDATA[That moment]]> <![CDATA[I wish ...]]> <![CDATA[Big 'IF' of my life]]> <![CDATA[searching for meaning of life]]> <![CDATA[movingon&on]]> <![CDATA[Well now you know. ]]> <![CDATA[Hopeless]]> <![CDATA[poem..going on jail]]> <![CDATA[#fknuselesskind]]> <![CDATA[I hate this]]> <![CDATA[umm...depressed...]]> <![CDATA[Ready to wipe away pee]]> <![CDATA[All my love turned into a sad song!]]> <![CDATA[Face To Face. ]]> <![CDATA[Not What You Expected. ]]> <![CDATA[why?]]> <![CDATA[not moving on! ]]> <![CDATA[When you smile, It makes me happy]]> <![CDATA[Growing up]]> <![CDATA[Unorganized Thoughts (Compilation)]]> <![CDATA[What Makes Us Monsters ]]> <![CDATA[Splashed]]> <![CDATA[FIRST]]> <![CDATA[Black Heart]]> <![CDATA[happy holi Boss]]> <![CDATA[The Magnum Opus]]> <![CDATA[Dear guys]]> <![CDATA[to my dear]]> <![CDATA[shine on me]]> <![CDATA[Mr. Unsatisfied]]> <![CDATA[Me Ani Mero Atit]]> <![CDATA[Some personal thoughts on love....................]]> <![CDATA[i love you]]> <![CDATA[Make me soft.]]> <![CDATA[attitude]]> <![CDATA[#movingOn]]> <![CDATA[Dilemma]]> <![CDATA[Life]]> <![CDATA[Ignorance]]> <![CDATA[Shit]]> <![CDATA[the hole]]> <![CDATA[My name is LazerNobody]]> <![CDATA[Nothing is pretty]]> <![CDATA[ THE HELLBOUND HEART]]> <![CDATA[Thank you MSK!]]> <![CDATA[whats going on]]> <![CDATA[Question]]> <![CDATA[The Spring Tree!!]]> <![CDATA[my simple love story!!]]> <![CDATA[where am i??]]> <![CDATA[Our voice against women's violence!]]> <![CDATA[Void of expression]]> <![CDATA[Maybe I'm Stuck]]> <![CDATA[I'm sorry!]]> <![CDATA[i love u pandey jee]]> <![CDATA[मेरो नाम !!!!]]> <![CDATA[Or maybe it's because I'm desperate!]]> <![CDATA[Tell me how]]> <![CDATA[blue winter]]> <![CDATA[stuck]]> <![CDATA[not moving on??]]> <![CDATA[New bonding]]> <![CDATA[#Jan]]> <![CDATA[I wish I could tell you how much i miss you]]> <![CDATA[All game of time!!]]> <![CDATA[The last love letter, Definately, May Be]]> <![CDATA[My Stars !!!]]> <![CDATA[The Dream!!!]]> <![CDATA[Valentine day irritation!!!]]> <![CDATA[my life :(]]> <![CDATA[I wonder]]> <![CDATA[If love were easy ]]> <![CDATA[Matters Of The Heart. ]]> <![CDATA[IT'S NEVER TO LATE TO MAKE FRIENDS :)]]> <![CDATA[Restrictions]]> <![CDATA[A Kid's Tale.]]> <![CDATA[De Profundis Clamo ad Te domine]]> <![CDATA[The chosen Pessimist?]]> <![CDATA[walking early morning under street lights]]> <![CDATA[know it]]> <![CDATA[sick]]> <![CDATA[The Untold Story]]> <![CDATA[I feel so stupid]]> <![CDATA[ a badgirl 2]]> <![CDATA[I surely don't want to get into addiction]]> <![CDATA[donnoo]]> <![CDATA[Feelings]]> <![CDATA[I woke up happy today]]> <![CDATA[nightmare]]> <![CDATA[how?]]> <![CDATA[broken]]> <![CDATA[I miss him]]> <![CDATA[to love and to be loved]]> <![CDATA[love? ]]> <![CDATA[I like her????]]> <![CDATA[The confession]]> <![CDATA[runaway]]> <![CDATA[Am I a looser?]]> <![CDATA[Story of my family -Half here-Half Europe ]]> <![CDATA[Random Feelings]]> <![CDATA[Mero Sano Katha]]> <![CDATA[friend and friendship]]> <![CDATA[A small note]]> <![CDATA[stupid]]> <![CDATA[first love..recently published story reminds me of my own first love]]> <![CDATA[First Love]]> <![CDATA[Message to my love why m in love with you.....]]> <![CDATA[self wish]]> <![CDATA[Poisoned feeling]]> <![CDATA[ a badgirl]]> <![CDATA[Violence against women and media]]> <![CDATA[Whats happening to me]]> <![CDATA[Should I change?]]> <![CDATA[all that was there]]> <![CDATA[Some Crazy Fella, I Tell You]]> <![CDATA[living in my thoughts]]> <![CDATA[why don't u understand me]]> <![CDATA[stand & stare_one republic]]> <![CDATA[2012 a year of Rape?]]> <![CDATA[Under The Tree]]> <![CDATA[oh no oh no]]> <![CDATA[why u left mehh]]> <![CDATA[If you are broken,do following things ]]> <![CDATA[Love is addiction,illusion and hallucination]]> <![CDATA[I Didn’t Think About You Once Today]]> <![CDATA[Girls, u need to understand.]]> <![CDATA[me????]]> <![CDATA[to a messenger bird, call it nameless story]]> <![CDATA[Lazy diary - Part I]]> <![CDATA["2012"]]> <![CDATA[Priyasi kaa yaad haru]]> <![CDATA[And its my fault]]> <![CDATA[:'( ]]> <![CDATA[Love is Ego]]> <![CDATA[I can't tell]]> <![CDATA[You can put the blame on me]]> <![CDATA[A bystander]]> <![CDATA[It's December..]]> <![CDATA[A question for you all!! Why are Question?]]> <![CDATA[I am tired of falling for wrong person! ]]> <![CDATA[Not a good Story ]]> <![CDATA[Let GO]]> <![CDATA[follow the said untainted]]> <![CDATA[My Life....]]> <![CDATA[....u]]> <![CDATA[a message]]> <![CDATA[you can easily but..]]> <![CDATA[So, she threw me off]]> <![CDATA[A BFF I found?]]> <![CDATA[Just For Today ]]> <![CDATA[freedom]]> <![CDATA[MISS YOU!! :(]]> <![CDATA[What?]]> <![CDATA[History Of Best Friends That I Feel Like Recalling Today]]> <![CDATA[I don'y know whether I am high or not!!!]]> <![CDATA[My friend the over reactor!]]> <![CDATA[Six Degree of Separation - The Script]]> <![CDATA[I miss that feeling]]> <![CDATA[Vacation in Kerala]]> <![CDATA[Someday....]]> <![CDATA[Stuffed Within]]> <![CDATA[A never ending hope. ]]> <![CDATA[I am stressed....]]> <![CDATA[A though]]> <![CDATA[I Am Moving Forward]]> <![CDATA[afraid of tonight]]> <![CDATA[mero thulo dhanyabad, sano confusion bhanum ki...]]> <![CDATA[Emotions and me]]> <![CDATA[i am scared]]> <![CDATA[in life..]]> <![CDATA[Try not falling in love... my note for you!]]> <![CDATA[random silent emotions..]]> <![CDATA[The Birthday]]> <![CDATA[you said]]> <![CDATA[a step a day]]> <![CDATA[i know she is gone]]> <![CDATA[Midnight City]]> <![CDATA[Looking Back at "the love at first sight"]]> <![CDATA[...]]> <![CDATA[Trying to Start Over]]> <![CDATA[A frog in the well]]> <![CDATA[unknown]]> <![CDATA[Everything good is a beautiful lie :)]]> <![CDATA[The Kornsome Effect]]> <![CDATA[HAIR CUT]]> <![CDATA[nothing]]> <![CDATA[hope ...hope ...hopeless]]> <![CDATA[The Unwritten Fate]]> <![CDATA[Life really is not bed of roses]]> <![CDATA[You are my lucky charm]]> <![CDATA[will spring bring back new leaves?]]> <![CDATA[me=nthn :(]]> <![CDATA[End of #july]]> <![CDATA[missing you....]]> <![CDATA[that girl]]> <![CDATA[The Angel that I met]]> <![CDATA[what does it mean to trust?]]> <![CDATA[WILL YOU FORGIVE ME?]]> <![CDATA[In search of someone who understands]]> <![CDATA[Let's start a Support Group !!]]> <![CDATA[Erratic Life]]> <![CDATA[I want to Leave!!]]> <![CDATA[What should be my Reaction?? I ask You !! ]]> <![CDATA[ ]]> <![CDATA[What was it like to be a Topper ??]]> <![CDATA[Fuck Whores!!]]> <![CDATA[thoughts of her]]> <![CDATA[I Couldn't Become The One For YOU!! ]]> <![CDATA[LOWEST]]> <![CDATA[A wound that never heals]]> <![CDATA[Dont just Give it Up YET ! :) ]]> <![CDATA[HIDE AND SEEK]]> <![CDATA[I also want a friend]]> <![CDATA[yesterdays....1]]> <![CDATA[The Beginnning of the Connection]]> <![CDATA[An unheard Prayer]]> <![CDATA[Faking Myself]]> <![CDATA[I seriously don't believe in GOD]]> <![CDATA[What I Am Really To YOU?]]> <![CDATA[Can't Think of a Title.... Name it what you want to .... ]]> <![CDATA[A Rainy Evening – The Perfect Setting For Love]]> <![CDATA[new life]]> <![CDATA[there is something i have to say]]> <![CDATA[hate that feeling]]> <![CDATA[How far would you go for LOVE?]]> <![CDATA[Story of my life...]]> <![CDATA[would you call it an obsession or fascination?]]> <![CDATA[Magical day..]]> <![CDATA[deep connection]]> <![CDATA[End of a Beautiful Chapter in Life]]> <![CDATA[Frustrate]]> <![CDATA[Beautiful Illusion]]> <![CDATA[Last kiss]]> <![CDATA[4/20 the search for weed in Kathmandu]]> <![CDATA[in memory of my dear friend]]> <![CDATA[Do you think they will remember or will we just be replaced?]]> <![CDATA[Still in love with you and not him]]> <![CDATA[designation of love]]> <![CDATA[My first crush remained drm gal]]> <![CDATA[Tangled]]> <![CDATA[Believe me, I love you]]> <![CDATA[Suman’s First “Date”]]> <![CDATA[Life" A Movie"]]> <![CDATA[मेरो सानो कथा]]> <![CDATA[Do they think they are the best?]]> <![CDATA[Lost but not weak]]> <![CDATA[i hate people]]> <![CDATA[goodbye sweetheart]]> <![CDATA[Hate how much I love you]]> <![CDATA[How do I met your bhauju?]]> <![CDATA[her love 1]]> <![CDATA[Its Life...We move on......]]> <![CDATA[i dont know what to do]]> <![CDATA[Me,the loner]]> <![CDATA[Guilty Love]]> <![CDATA[Anger thats staying inside me!!!]]> <![CDATA[meri chori!!(this is not for you to read, just for me to post)]]> <![CDATA[6 Life Lessons]]> <![CDATA[A flow of thoughts]]> <![CDATA[Moving On]]> <![CDATA[I still love you and care for you.]]> <![CDATA[never being loved]]> <![CDATA[The Love that was never mine....]]> <![CDATA[Love Life and Enjoy Life]]> <![CDATA[my best fren or jigree or the tiger what else to call u ??]]> <![CDATA[kahiin nabhayeko jatra, handi gaunma matra]]> <![CDATA[thank you ]]> <![CDATA[am I strong? or am I stupid?]]> <![CDATA[make it last forever]]> <![CDATA[Why Being In Relationship Is So Important ??]]> <![CDATA[Royal Bandipur Hiking...really memorable day of li]]> <![CDATA[I am in love]]> <![CDATA[break up !! ]]> <![CDATA[it's complicado !! :/ ]]> <![CDATA[LIFE !! ]]> <![CDATA[MY TODAY]]> <![CDATA[A change of state]]> <![CDATA[What you do?]]> <![CDATA["love-sick" or "sick-of-love"]]> <![CDATA[:(]]> <![CDATA[February 14]]> <![CDATA[!!!HAPPY VALENTINES DAY,.......!!! ]]> <![CDATA[कथा मेरो ]]> <![CDATA[i am sorry]]> <![CDATA[A castle made by cards (PS. This is not a love sto]]> <![CDATA[I've got a Mail!!!]]> <![CDATA[ma k garau?]]> <![CDATA[ First Love ]]> <![CDATA[My first Kiss]]> <![CDATA[Secret Birthday Wish!!!]]> <![CDATA[.......]]> <![CDATA[She Said To Me I Don't Care About Her!!]]> <![CDATA[nirdoosh maan]]> <![CDATA[One has to have a really "BIG HEART" to be able to]]> <![CDATA[from father's side]]> <![CDATA[mission merosanokatha]]> <![CDATA[Back to where I belong!!!]]> No its not another lovestory or breakup story. I tried making friends with many, I used to steal passwords of my friends messenger and add people who were online most of the time. I used to talk with them regularly, the process started smoothly.. but later on I would start to get ignored, maybe I always ex]]> <![CDATA[Quotes]]> <![CDATA[Is this LOVE ?]]> <![CDATA[Sad but true]]> <![CDATA[Just In Love]]> <![CDATA[What I feel]]> <![CDATA[love started and ended within 12 days]]> <![CDATA[Feedback]]> <![CDATA[The 1st drink I drank in the name of YoU!!]]> <![CDATA[nasocheko kura]]> <![CDATA[I am confused!!]]> <![CDATA[How It Used to Be!!!!]]> <![CDATA[Looking Back...Memories]]> <![CDATA[Good @ Nothing]]> <![CDATA[and nothing else matters]]> <![CDATA[i feel really bad :(]]> <![CDATA[Don't u remember??]]> <![CDATA[Conversation Between Professor and A Student]]> <![CDATA[@fta shave : can i hear anyone? nooo ? !!!#@]]> <![CDATA[no katha byetha]]> <![CDATA[bibek spoke]]> <![CDATA[Love is in the air. FEB 14]]> <![CDATA[I love him to death but does he love me to death??]]> <![CDATA[Earthquake 2011 A.D. Nepal (2068 B.S)]]> <![CDATA[K.U. Fast food Complain Box]]> <![CDATA[My Love Story]]> <![CDATA[Longing ]]> <![CDATA[Not really a story .. Just a piece of my thought!]]> <![CDATA[Memories]]> <![CDATA[Long Road]]> <![CDATA[A beautiful lie@]]> <![CDATA[how to be "just friends"??]]> <![CDATA[hurt me more: short but true]]> <![CDATA[why all say men dont have heart? (it was story unt]]> <![CDATA[My Story]]> <![CDATA[I don't want to believe it]]> <![CDATA[dont need to make it famous just short]]> <![CDATA[when it happens it aint happening for a reason . @]]> <![CDATA[तिम्रो जस्तै मेरो ]]> <![CDATA[Mero Love Story]]> <![CDATA[Sally's Story]]> <![CDATA[Happy Birthday Nina]]> <![CDATA[A story (Yet another one) ]]> <![CDATA[Mero Sano Katha]]> <![CDATA[6,840,507,000 ]]> <![CDATA[why girls dont understand boys....................]]> <![CDATA[confused with life]]> <![CDATA[गर्नु गर्यो खैरेले]]> <![CDATA[The Story of A Lonely Girl]]> <![CDATA[The girl on the last Seat ]]> <![CDATA[A Bystander ]]> <![CDATA[Not Scared of Death]]> <![CDATA[I am not a hero]]> <![CDATA[New Beginning/Change]]> <![CDATA[A Story (Probably a boring one) ]]> <![CDATA[HAppy New year 2012 ]]> <![CDATA[No Regrets]]> <![CDATA[At the ending of this year 2011]]> <![CDATA[A Long Wait....]]> <![CDATA[Some questions whose answer i am searching for!!]]> <![CDATA[mero hijo ko din]]> <![CDATA[Jonathan Davis - My inspiration]]> <![CDATA[@jackass : what is life : jindagi k ho ?]]> <![CDATA[no one to be with , when everybody acts no one]]> <![CDATA[remember me ?]]> <![CDATA[Yet Another Story]]> <![CDATA[an ordinary gurl in a complex world ! :) ]]> <![CDATA[Love Or Infatuation]]> <![CDATA[LOVE]]> <![CDATA[Meaning of life???]]> <![CDATA[and a it was only me]]> <![CDATA[A real happiness in my life]]> <![CDATA[No memories are Bad memories...]]> <![CDATA[Never Satisfied]]> <![CDATA[don't hurt me again]]> <![CDATA[Memory2]]> <![CDATA[Memory1]]> <![CDATA[that 21 days]]> <![CDATA[Today's Story]]> <![CDATA[Its your job.....]]> <![CDATA[Are you Proud of me???]]> <![CDATA[A night form an entangled life]]> <![CDATA[भूकम्पको भूत !]]> <![CDATA[God’s the “Most Wonderful Gift” (Part five)]]> <![CDATA[God’s the “Most Wonderful Gift” (Part four)]]> <![CDATA[God’s the “Most Wonderful Gift” (Part three)]]> <![CDATA[God’s the “Most Wonderful Gift” (Part two)]]> <![CDATA[God’s the “Most Wonderful Gift” (Part one)]]> <![CDATA[Emotional Battle Part three]]> <![CDATA[Emotional Battle Part Two]]> <![CDATA[Emotional Battle Part one]]> <![CDATA[Problem Continues]]> <![CDATA[Problems]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Seven]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Six]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Five]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Four]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Three]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part Two]]> <![CDATA[Just Ignore Part One]]> <![CDATA[Stitches part 3]]> <![CDATA[Stiches Part Two]]> <![CDATA[Stiches Part One]]> <![CDATA[Does distance increase love?? (part-II)]]> <![CDATA[Does distance increase love?? (part-I)]]> <![CDATA[uncle]]> <![CDATA[jokes]]> <![CDATA[निस्थुरी को यादहरु]]> <![CDATA[The story behind SHE ......]]> <![CDATA[Give me some bugs !!! ]]> <![CDATA[Life!]]> <![CDATA[बन्द]]> <![CDATA[a try.]]> <![CDATA[मेरो सानो कथा लाइ म]]> <![CDATA[A Story]]> <![CDATA[स्पेयर पार्टस्]]> <![CDATA[चाडै बाड्नेछु मेरो]]> <![CDATA[Welcome to MeroSanoKatha]]>